03. November 2017
Earlier this week, journalists at Gothamist voted to unionize - the billionaire owner shut it down straight away.
26. October 2017
Not sure why it surprising, it's premium content! What is surprising, at least to me, is the ratio of back-catalog to original viewing - 80/20 - we're clearly catching up on the things we missed. https://www.mediavillage.com/article/90-of-svod-viewing-is-on-the-tv-set-reports-nielsen-only-20-of-viewing-is-original-content/
17. October 2017
David Ogilvy, the creative force behind Ogilvy & Mather, respected the potential of good writing.
16. October 2017
Marketers are focused on what they want to publish and on pushing the content they want to promote. But here is a better way to approach this.
13. October 2017
Instagram Stories is beating out Snapchat among top social media influencers.
12. October 2017
Yesterday, Facebook announced a new low-end VR headset.
09. October 2017
Creating content is a complex process.
22. September 2017
Death Wish Coffee Issues Recall Due To Potential Death Risk
20. September 2017
Someone decided it was a good idea publicize that their restaurant had actual "bullet holes" in the wall - this in a neighborhood that has historically suffered from poverty and violence.
19. September 2017
This article examines the possibility of VR moving from content marketing into ads and loyalty

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