21. February 2018
Great gallery of video campaigns https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/best-marketing-advertising-campaigns/
13. February 2018
New campaign video from ABSOLUT - The Vodka With Nothing To Hide
12. February 2018
Over 150 million views https://youtu.be/779KwjAYTeQ
05. February 2018
A year when the ads were almost as good as the game... http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/here-are-the-3-biggest-trends-of-the-super-bowl/
24. January 2018
More good news about video...
02. January 2018
Senator Ben Sasse speaking out on the need for a free press
19. December 2017
How AI is retooling the creative process.
04. December 2017
If you think November is too early to be dreaming of sugarplum fairies and hanging the stockings with care, then consider this your official warning: this post is heavy on the holiday cheer.
19. November 2017
From creation to distribution, new technology is enabling marketers to forge new paths to engage consumers. And smart brands are looking to better understand how those audiences consume content.
03. November 2017
Earlier this week, journalists at Gothamist voted to unionize - the billionaire owner shut it down straight away.

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